The Grandchild Wealth Builder Program (Done With Coaching)

The Grandchild Wealth Builder Program (Done With Coaching)

The Grandchild Wealth Builder Program (Done With Coaching)

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Grandparents are often eager to shower their grandchildren with gifts, toys, clothes, and money. But is this the most effective way to build wealth for your grandchild’s future?

As a Grandparent you may also be able to play an instrumental role in providing financial gifts that perhaps may be out of the reach to your Grandkids’ parents.

With that in mind, let’s try to imagine a few years into the future…

How will your grandchild feel before their first big financial decision? University? A first home? Can they afford to start a family?

They might be nervous, anxious afraid and probably concerned about their future. We have all been there.

What a feeling of relief you could provide them, so that instead they are feeling relieved, eager to get going and incredibly thankful.

That is powerful.

Now you can start building a legacy for your Grandchild that will support them when they need it most.

Here what you will get with the Grandchild Wealth Builder Program:

  • An Individual evaluation and report for each grandchild’s situation to determine best option
  • Comprehensive projections of your grandchild’s Future Wealth for each option
  • Coaching Sessions so all of your questions are answered
  • Personalized plan for EACH of your grandchildren
  • Full Implementation of Plan for EACH grandchild
  • How to protect it (even when you are no longer here)
  • How to keep control of the funds (No sports cars)
  • How to put it all on auto-pilot

If you have a grandchild and you want to help them build a nest-egg for the future in Canada, and you want expert help setting up your grandchild's plan, you need this program.

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