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Kevin-Barry Henry

K-B has been in Financial Services since 1997. In 2014 he founded KBH Financial, a company that helps Canadian families and businesses structure, organize and protect their finances now and through generations. He is also a sought-after speaker.

K-B's Story

Kevin-Barry Henry or K-B, as most people know him, grew up in a bilingual household with a twist: His mother was Franco-Ontarian and his Father is an Anglo-Quebecois. After suffering through the premature death of their mother with no will in 1993, he and his two sisters were finally forced to move their father into a retirement residence in 2013 and leave the family homestead of 45 years behind. It was here that K-B saw how little many people in his father`s situation understood about estate planning or even what documents were important or where they could find them.

With so many sad stories from families with inadequate or no estate plan he decided to seek out answers to his own family`s questions. In the process, he came to realize that he wanted to educate and help other families protect their legacy. For K-B, this became a very personal endeavor dedicated to his parents.

K-B is proud and happy dog owner and volunteer dog walker. His family is his priority and the reason for this book. He was a volunteer ski patrol for several years in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. He is an avid Stock Market history buff. He has been playing softball at different levels for 40 years. He also enjoys cycling, practicing Yoga and Meditating.

K-B was a professional stock trader on the NASDAQ stock exchange for 4 years before moving into managing private clients’ investments and risk. Soon after having been hired by one of the large Canadian trading houses to trade the US markets, and surviving the grueling training period (only 2 of the 8 traders in his class were hired), his first live trading day was September 10th 2001. As a rookie, he was laid off the following day, after the terrible events of September 11th, 2001 before being re-hired a few weeks later.

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